“Something for the Touts, the Nuns, the Grocery Clerks and You”: Iranian artist Farhad Ahrarnia at Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai

Iranian-born artist Farhad Ahrarnia explores urban spaces and the effects of modernisation in his recent solo exhibition at Lawrie Shabibi in Dubai.

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Photo Gallery: Chinese artist Jacky Tsai’s “The Harmonious Society” in London

The Fine Art Society in London presents the second solo show of Chinese artist Jacky Tsai following the success of his first in 2015.

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Roadtrip from Beijing to Paris: Emerging Chinese artist Wang Sishun’s “Truth”

Art Radar looks into Wang Sishun’s “Truth” exhibition and his journey from China to France.

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Debbie Han first Korean artist to be awarded Sovereign Asian Art Prize

KOREAN ART ASIAN ART PRIZE Art Radar Asia is pleased to bring you an article by guest contributor, Kate Bryan. Her article, Hybrid Graces, presents an in depth insight into the work of Debbie Han, the first Korean artist to … Continue reading