What is…robotic art? Art Radar explains

Art Radar explores the definition of robotic art through its origins, the seminal works of key artists in Asia and elsewhere and key exhibitions.

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“Readymade”: 9 Bangladeshi artists to know

Art Radar takes a look at the nine Bangladeshi artists in Aicon Gallery’s exhibition “Readymade” in New York.

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3 emerging Hong Kong artists explore intimacy in the age of mediation – event alert

In an era of new media and mass production, how are relationships transformed? “Intimacy, Mediated” is a three-person experimental project which will be exhibited at Hong Kong’s Osage Gallery from 5 to 30 September 2014. The featured artists present diverse … Continue reading

Naziha Mestaoui: Between spiritualism, environment and technology – artist profile

Art Radar profiles Paris-based Belgian-Tunisian Naziha Mestaoui architect turned multimedia artist.

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“Metamorphosis of the Virtual 5 + 5″: A Sino-French digital dialogue – in pictures

The K11 Art Foundation in Shanghai presents a timely exhibition showcasing a new wave of internationally renowned and emerging Chinese and French digital artists that explore the hybridisation of technology and art.

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