Internal landscape, external world: Nepal’s Govinda Sah – artist profile

A profile of London-based Nepali artist Govinda Sah (also called ‘Azad’) on the occasion of his third solo show in London.

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Dreaming in plastic: Vietnamese artist Trân Trong Vû – artist profile

Vietnamese diaspora artist Trân Trong Vû’s three-dimensional installations invite audience to participate in maze of illusions.

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The “Anticamera (Of the Eye)”: Japanese photographer Hanako Murakami – artist profile

Inspired by autochromes, Hanako Murakami creates photographs that reflect projections onto the eye’s retina.

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“Wang Yin: The Gift” acknowledges a deep reciprocal legacy – artist profile

The retrospective comments on China’s intellectual and cultural history, drawing on history as much as autobiography. Art Radar profiles the Chinese artist, whose 40-painting survey at the UCCA in Beijing runs until 27 May 2016. The gift of oil painting The … Continue reading

Monochrome and Minimalism: 6 Dansaekhwa artists in New York

New York exhibition at Blum & Poe compares and contrasts the Korean art form Dansaekhwa with American Minimalism.

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“African Art Against the State”: advocacy and agency from prehistory to the present

Williams College Museum of Art presents an exhibition which explores the various ways in which African art has highlighted the continent’s history of activism, resistance.

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Through the spirit of the Creator: Indonesia’s Hengki Koentjoro – artist profile

Indonesian photographer Hengki Koentjoro’s black and white tonality captures pure expression across land and underwater.

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