Spice girl: Indian artist K. Benitha Perciyal – in conversation

Indian artist K. Benitha Perciyal uses spices, found materials and incense to create thought-provoking and intensely personal installations.

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Vulgarity and the sacred: Japan’s ceramic artist Katsuyo Aoki – artist profile

A sense of romance and reverence in contemporary ceramist Katsuyo Aoki’s ethereal masterpieces.

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Plunging further to reveal the truth: Bangladeshi Mustafa Zaman – artist profile

Bangladeshi Mustafa Zaman employs found images to lay bare the simultaneity of creation and destruction.

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Threads of resistance: India’s Shelly Jyoti – artist profile

India’s struggle for freedom inspires Shelly Jyoti with a series echoing the history of rural farmers and Gandhian principles.

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Repairing what was broken: Amy Lee Sanford and Cambodian art today – interview

Cambodian performance artist Amy Lee Sanford talks to Art Radar about the lasting effects of war, guilt, loss, alienation and displacement, and how she uses art to address these concepts.

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First China solo exhibition for cut paper artist Bovey Lee – picture feast

“Bloom: Cut Paper by Bovey Lee” was on display at the International Finance Centre in Shanghai and contained a dozen of the artist’s recent works, showcasing her stunning mastery of the traditional form.

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Anti "commercial" art, Luk Tsing Yuen comments on corporate greed: video

INTERNET TV 3D ART VIDEO Art Radar Asia brings you yet another insightful video from Internet channel ChooChooTV’s show [art]attack. This four minute production allows Hong Kong-based social artist Luk Tsing Yuen to explain his art output and offers viewers … Continue reading