Photo Gallery: Indian artist Shelly Jyoti’s “Khadi March” at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Delhi artist Shelly Jyoti, known for her textile-based installations, presents her newest series dedicated to the lives of spinners, weavers and traditional artisans. Shelly Jyoti revisits Gandhian philosophies through multimedia artworks using khadi textile, ajrakh printing and kantha embroidery to … Continue reading

Palestine’s Young Artist of the Year Award 2016: Pattern Recognition

Young Palestinian artists push beyond their comfort zones with commissioned works for Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA) 2016.

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Photo Gallery: “Coriolis Effect: Migration and Memory” at Khoj Studios, New Delhi

“Coriolis Effect: Migration and Memory”, running from 29 to 4 October 2016, brings together the work of seven Indian and African artists as the culmination of their month-long residency at Khoj Studios.

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“Peace and Paper”: Iran Contemporary Art Biennale 2016

Art Radar reports on the successful delivery of the second edition of the Iran Contemporary Art Biennale, which brings together paintings, photographs, installations and video art highlighting peace not war.

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Imaginary worlds: the visual vocabulary of Pakistani artist Atif Khan – artist profile

Pakistani artist Atif Khan’s iconography traces its lineage back to the aesthetically rich Mughal empire while providing a contemporary twist.

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Challenging tradition through colour and form: Iranian calligrapher Mohammad Bozorgi – interview

Innovative calligrapher protests contemporary themes with stunning scripts.

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“Histories of the Future” at Phnom Penh’s National Museum of Cambodia

Contemporary Khmer artists are on display in renowned museum for the first time in the venue’s history.

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