“Transcending Boundaries”: Japanese art collective teamLab at Pace London

Japan’s teamLab transform Pace Gallery in London into an immersive, digitally enhanced experience.

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Inter-generational project reveals complexities of Cambodian diaspora: Pete Pin – interview

Art Radar speaks with Cambodian American photographer Pete Pin to learn more about how he uses participatory photography with the Khmer diaspora to reach out and repair lines of communication broken through trauma.

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Technicolour and the silver screen: Youssef Nabil – interview

Art Radar speaks with Egyptian artist Youssef Nabil about his trademarked hand-coloured black and white images and his second video featuring actress Salma Hayek.

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13 Lebanese artists at Singapore Art Fair

Art Radar profiles 13 Lebanese artists taking centre stage at the Singapore Art Fair, themed “Contemporary Lebanon: Art Beyond Violence”.

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Indonesian artist Ivan Sagita and Jogja surrealism – in pictures

Jogja surrealism is explained through the works of Ivan Sagita whose first solo exhibition at the Gillman Barracks space in Singapore runs until 18 September.

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Taiwanese digital photographer Wu Tien-chang’s figures are limbless and costumed

Formerly an oil painter, Taiwanese-born Wu Tien-chang’s fascination with reincarnation, karma and national identity has lead him to create unsettling “digital paintings.”

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Why do critics like Zhang Huan but not his show? Live pigs installation at White Cube 2009 – review roundup

CHINESE ANIMAL INSTALLATION ART REVIEW Zhang Huan is known for his performance acts of physical and psychological endurance. This time, however, he left that act up to a couple of pigs. Zhang Huan’s first show at White Cube Zhang’s first exhibition … Continue reading