The figurative art of Pakistani artist Huma Bhabha at Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

The exhibition continues Huma Bhabha’s investigation into figuration, taking inspiration from a wide spectrum of references that cross genres, time, art history, continents and popular culture.

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Photo Gallery: “BHARTI KHER Matter” at Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada

“BHARTI KHER Matter” at Vancouver Art Gallery in Canada is the Indian artist’s first major North American survey to date.

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“Celebrating Murni”: life, legacy and memory of Indonesia’s IGAK Murniasih – artist profile

Art Radar speaks to the artists and curators involved in the exhibition “Celebrating Murni” and profiles the artist IGAK Murniasih, an influential figure in the Indonesian art scene.

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The body and its emotions: Israeli artist Tamar Ettun’s “The Yellow Who Wants” at Uppsala Art Museum

Israeli artist Tamar Ettun opens her first solo exhibition in Sweden is a discourse between sculpture and performance that examines the body’s relationship to every day objects and by extension the world around us.

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Mr.’s otaku culture and Neo-Pop on view at New York’s Lehmann Maupin

Japanese visual artist Mr. presents “Sunset in My Heart” until 12 August at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York, merging a happy-go-lucky Neo-Pop aesthetic with an intimate reflection on today’s oppressive occurrences.

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Legends, ghosts and feminism: Malaysian artist Yee I-Lann at Tyler Rollins Fine Art – in pictures

In her latest exhibition, the Malay artist explores legendary tales and notions of female power.

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Chinese artist Ling Jian holds first US solo show at Klein Sun Gallery New York

Ling Jian’s “Nature Chain” featuring sixteen large-scale oil paintings opened on 19 November and runs until 23 December 2015. Three years in the making, Ling’s exhibition contrasts images of women, some pleasing, others more challenging, with canvases depicting sharks charged with a raw, … Continue reading