Stripping ‘Ophelia’ and more: 3 young Taiwanese new media artists in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based gallery Input/Output (I/O) featured Taiwanese new media artists Yao Chung-Han, Lin Guan-Ming, and Chang Li-Ren in their show “Made in Taiwan”, which closed April 2012.

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"The Empire Strikes Back – Indian art Today" at Saatchi Gallery: critics' review roundup

INDIAN CONTEMPORARY ART “The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today” opened on 28 January 2010 at Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London. It has received attention from critics interested in both the cultural implications of contemporary Indian art in British society … Continue reading

What is Indonesian style? Jumaldi Alfi on the art, style and Jogja – interview

CONTEMPORARY INDONESIAN ART The Sotheby’s success of contemporary Indonesian artists like  I Nyoman Masriadi, who sold  a single painting for more than $245,000 USD at auction on October 6th, 2009 in Hong Kong, has grabbed the attention of the art … Continue reading