Silent intensity: Egyptian American artist Yasmine K. Kasem – in conversation

Art Radar catches up with Yasmine K. Kasem to find out more about her work examining the female form and what an early Islamic heroine can teach us today about the importance of community building.

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“Ecstasy as Sublime, Heart as Vector”: Pakistan’s Shahzia Sikander – artist profile

Shahzia Sikander’s “outburst of energy, imagination, and creativity” is on show at MAXXI in Rome until 23 October 2016.

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Photo Gallery: Egyptian artist Wael Shawky and his Crusades at Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria

Kunsthaus Bregenz features the Egyptian artist’s latest works on the history of the Crusades from an Arab perspective. On show until 23 October 2016 are parts of Wael Shawky’s Cabaret Crusades (2010-2013) trilogy, alongside displays of the marionettes used in … Continue reading

Scripts and sensibility: Iranian-American Pouran Jinchi – interview

Art Radar catches up with Pouran Jinchi to learn more about her latest series that examines the “language of aesthetic culture of the military” and how her work employs hope in times of despair.

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Challenging tradition through colour and form: Iranian calligrapher Mohammad Bozorgi – interview

Innovative calligrapher protests contemporary themes with stunning scripts.

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“ART BRIEF II: Iranian Contemporary North America” at Arena 1 Gallery – in pictures

Exhibition showcasing prominent Iranian diaspora artists touches on life after exile.

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Tyres, twists and turns: Wim Delvoye at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Wim Delvoye brings collection of “interplaying contradictions” to the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, as relationships between Iran and the West continue to thaw.

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“A sliver of history”: Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi and Suheyla Takesh on Barjeel Art Foundation – interview

“Publicly accessible” collection examines socio-political themes amidst turbulent times. Art Radar speaks with Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi and curator Suheyla Takesh to learn the story behind the Barjeel Art Foundation’s most “iconic” masterpiece and one of the organisation’s most recent acquisitions.  The Barjeel … Continue reading