“The Man Who Clapped for 97 Hours”: Pakistani artist Bani Abidi – interview

Art Radar speaks with Pakistani artist Bani Abidi about politics, absurdity, history and what it means to be a Pakistani female artist.

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Negation and nostalgia: Palestinian photographer Rula Halawani – interview

Art Radar talks with Palestinian photographer Rula Halawani, whose debut exhibition with Ayyam Gallery in Dubai “For My Father” takes a journey into the Palestine of her past.

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Plunging further to reveal the truth: Bangladeshi Mustafa Zaman – artist profile

Bangladeshi Mustafa Zaman employs found images to lay bare the simultaneity of creation and destruction.

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After Damascus: Tammam Azzam’s first paintings since his exile on show in Dubai

“The Road” at Ayyam Gallery Dubai comprises a new body of work by celebrated Syrian artist Tammam Azzam, including his first series of paintings since his relocation from Damascus to Dubai.

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16 Algerian contemporary artists to know now

Contemporary artists residing in Algeria and abroad look beyond its colonial past to uncover new ground. Algeria’s long history of colonialism and conquest provides complex narratives and fertile ground for contemporary artists who push the boundaries between tradition and modernity, … Continue reading

Of Time, Places and People: “Time of Others” at the Singapore Art Museum

An exhibition exploring boundaries, differences and ‘otherness’ in a survey of contemporary art from the Asia-Pacific region. “Time of Others” tours four major Asian museums with its third stop being the Singapore Art Museum featuring over 25 artworks by 17 … Continue reading

“In God We Trust”: Bangladeshi photographer Munem Wasif – artist profile

Bangladeshi artist Munem Wasif’s documentary photographs of Bangladesh and its people are on view at Paris-based gallery Le 247 until 23 January 2016.

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