Art Radar’s top 10 booths to visit at Art Basel Hong Kong 2015

As Art Basel Hong Kong has finally opened its doors, Art Radar picks top 10 booths to visit at this year’s edition.

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Filipino artist Ronald Ventura’s “Watchmen”: Local deity transformed – exhibition profile

Robert Ventura’s “Watching the Watchmen”, ran at the Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines, from 3 November to 14 December 2013.

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Pakistani artist Bani Abidi on fantasy of heroes, nations, war – picture feast

Artist Bani Abidi takes aim at the historical narratives and cultural memories of South Asia in an exhibition called “Then It Was Moulded Anew”.

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Japanese Paramodel artists combine Vietnamese, Japanese toys in new work

Japanese “art unit” Paramodel recently wrapped up their exhibition at the Japanese Foundation Centre in Hanoi, entitled “the plastic model of paramodel is paramodel”.

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Animamix Biennial – an alternative biennial pushes aesthetic of comic art – interview curator Victoria Lu

ANIMATION ART BIENNIAL The Animamix Biennial is unique. The first was held in 2007, organised by Victoria Lu, an experienced curator and the Artistic Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai. This years show, also curated by Lu, spans four … Continue reading

Surprising new direction taken by cadaver artists and Saatchi stars: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu – interview

HONG KONG CHINESE PHOTOGRAPHY ART Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, born in the early 1970s and both alumni of the prominent Beijing Central Academy of Art, have a long-established  reputation in Asia for their controversial collaborative installations featuring animals, human tissue … Continue reading

Art toys – the latest hottest trend from Asia?

Is urban vinyl the next growth trend in popular art to emerge from Asia and sweep across the world?  Though it has not yet transitioned to the world of fine art, the genre is reminiscent of Takashi Murakami’s plastics. Popular, collectible and … Continue reading