Design Society and V&A Gallery to open in Shenzhen in 2017

Design Society, a new cultural hub featuring a new V&A Gallery will open to the public in Shekou, Shenzhen, in October 2017.

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“Digging a Hole in China”: exploring Land Art in the context of Chinese contemporary art

Group show “Digging a Hole in China” at OCAT Shenzhen investigates the “potential of land” when facing political and economical issues of globalisation, property and production.

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Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennial announces participating artists

Animation art from experimental animation to video art, new media installations and live slideshows take centre stage at the 2nd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennial.

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Crossing China in 7 cities – book review

China’s diverse art scene is brought together in Crossing China, a comprehensive overview spanning 25 years. Seven major Chinese cities form the backbone of this accessible coffee table book on the chaotic, confusing and dazzling story of China’s contemporary art. … Continue reading

Dafen Art Village, part II: Original art struggles in Shenzhen copy town – artist interview

In the second part of our series on Dafen Art Village, we speak to Wang Zeng Chun to find out what it’s like for an original artist in an art district dedicated to copy-art.

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Dafen Art Village, part I: From copy to creative in Shenzhen?

In this first post in a two-part series reporting on the contemporary art scene in southern China, Art Radar takes a look at the art copy village of Dafen.

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International contemporary ink artists show with Chinese in Shenzhen

The traditional art of Chinese ink painting has so far received little attention in the international art market. This state of affairs may finally be changing.

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