“Unbecoming”: the “humanimal”, queer world of India’s Tejal Shah – artist profile

Indian artist Tejal Shah’s “humanimals” inhabit the Kunsthaus Hamburg.

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British artist Prem Sahib’s critical scenographies at Kunstverein Hamburg

British artist Prem Sahib creates conceptual scenographies that explore desire and architecture in “Balconies” at Hamburg Kunstverein.

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Changing landscape: Skulpture Projekt Münster 2017

Art Radar has a look at some of the artists participating in Skulpture Projekt Münster 2017.

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The Post-colonial and The Personal: Biennale Talk at Art Basel 2017 – video

South African curator and artist Gabi Ngcobo and artist collective Elmgreen & Dragset talk about biennales in a panel at Art Basel. Art Radar reviews the key points made at an Art Basel Conversations panel in June 2017. The Art Basel … Continue reading

“EMISSARY FORKS featuring THOUSAND ISLANDS”: multimedia artist Ian Cheng – artist profile

United States artist Ian Cheng explores the arbitrariness of human behaviour and power systems.

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Knot alone: the “Imaginary Friends” of Afghanistan’s Jeanno Gaussi – artist profile

A marriage of found objects and 13th century knotting technique populate Jeanno Gaussi’s labour-intensive series “Imaginary Friends”.

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“Drawing in the Dark”: Indian artist Shilpa Gupta at Bielefelder Kunstverein, Germany

The exhibition runs at Bielefelder Kunstverein in Germany until 16 July 2017 and will travel to Le Centre d’art Contemporain, La Synagoge de Delm in France where it will be on show from October 2017 to February 2018.

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