7 Art Biennales not to miss in Autumn 2017

It’s Biennale season and Art Radar picks 2017 Autumn’s Biennales not to be missed.

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5 Highlights from the Asian Art Biennial 2015

The 5th Asian Art Biennial at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) themed “Artist Making Movement” demonstrates how art can also affect social change.

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Taiwan’s first ‘Art Bank’ opens in Taichung

Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture inaugurates the Art Bank Programme in Taichung, which aims at promoting young Taiwanese artists through the acquisition, exhibition and renting of their works to other institutions at home and abroad.

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Science, technology and visual art: Artists in a hybrid world

“TEA/Super Connect–2013 International Techno Art Exhibition”, an exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from 10 August to 27 October 2013, brought together international artists working with biology, medicine, computer science and robotics to create their works.

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Tale of two Taiwan cities: 4 day contemporary art tour

Art Radar spent four days in Taipei and Taichung visiting art galleries and museums and found an active and thriving contemporary art scene that embraces Asian and Western art in a wide range of media.

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Asian Art Biennial 2011: 40 artists from New Zealand to Kazakhstan – event alert

Forty Asian artists are participating in the 2011 Asian Art Biennial. Curator Iris Shu-Ping Huang has asked each to reflect upon today’s “M-shaped” Asian society.

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"Post adolescent" art on display in two Taiwanese museums – picture feast

EMERGING ARTISTS TAIWANESE ART MUSEUM SHOWS COLLECTIONS An exhibition exploring the theme of “post adolescence” is presenting 72 works by younger generation Taiwanese artists, those between 25 and 35 years of age, in an effort to reveal their art creation … Continue reading

A perspective on Viewpoints and Viewing Points – 2009 Asian Art Biennale

Writer for Art Radar Asia reflects on the exhibition Kate Nicholson, a Taiwan-based contributor to Art Radar, writes about her favourite picks from Viewpoints and Viewing Points , the 2009 Asian Art Biennale exhibition, currently on show at the National Taiwan … Continue reading