“Earth Families”: Indian artist Reena Saini Kallat at the Manchester Museum

In a hybridity that also characterises her practice, Kallat’s works interact with the Museum’s collection in a thought-provoking dialogue about identity, memory, history and the natural world.

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A look at Hong Kong 20 years after the handover: Hong Kong artists at CFCCA, Manchester

With two exhibitions focused on art from Hong Kong, CFCCA takes a hard look at the 20th anniversary of the United Kingdom’s handover of the city.

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“A fly on the wall”: Sooni Taraporevala on Mumbai, VR and more – interview

The Indian photographer, screenwriter and director Sooni Taraporevala shares insights from her practice in conjunction with her first UK solo exhibition.

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Where art and science meet: “Lucida & Lucida II” by Suki Chan at CFCCA Manchester – in pictures

Suki Chan’s “Lucida & Lucida II” at the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art (CFCCA), Manchester, looks to the rich territory that can be explored when art and science meet.

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Taiwanese artist Yin-Ju Chen’s “Extrastellar Evaluations II – A Dialogue Concerning Two Chief World Systems” at CFCCA, Manchester – in pictures

Multimedia artist Yin-Ju Chen encourages audiences to question the categories of art, science, superstition, history and ritual, whilst creating new mythologies around minimalist art.

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Photo Gallery: John Moores Painting Prize China 2014 winner Zheng Haozhong at CFCCA, Manchester

Chinese painter Zheng Haozhong’s oeuvre is on show at CFCCA Manchester until 7 August 2016. As part of CFCCA’s ongoing collaboration with the John Moores Painting Prize China edition, the exhibition surveys the 2014 winner’s oeuvre. Launched on 7 July … Continue reading

30 Years of Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester

For its 30th anniversary programme, CFCCA Manchester holds a number of exhibitions of some of China’s most celebrated artists. Launched in February 2016 and running until July, the “30 Years of CFCCA” exhibitions programme features high-profile artists from Greater China. … Continue reading