Course Fee | 101


We offer two options for the Certificate in Art Journalism & Writing 101.


Option 1: Certificate in Art Journalism 101: Immersive | US$767

This option includes:

  • 6 online modules delivered over 12 weeks
  • writing exercises with peer review
  • personal one-on-one feedback from an experienced tutor
  • experience of having your work edited by a professional publishing team
  • learning how professional publishers take a raw story through to publication
  • having at least one (and up to two) article(s) published in a well-regarded journal
  • experiencing how articles are promoted via social media
  • online exam
  • a personal reference
  • a certificate


Course fee: US$690 + non-refundable application fee of US$77 = US$767


Click here to apply for the Immersive course, or click here to read more about it.


Option 2: Certificate in Art Journalism 101: Essentials | US$165

Essentials – This is a self-study option and includes:

  • 6 online modules delivered over 12 weeks
  • writing exercises with peer review
  • online exam
  • online certificate

Please note that this option will not include interaction with a tutor/editor, nor will you have the opportunity to research, write and publish an article with a journalistic team. This is largely a self-study option. If you are interested in receiving regular, professional feedback on your work and participating in the process of writing and publishing an article through various drafts and stages on a live, busy platform with excellent readership, we suggest you go for Option 1.

Course fee: US$165 

Click here to pay for the Essentials course.

NOTE: After paying for the Essentials course, you should be directed to a page confirming that your payment has been processed by Art Radar, which will include a link to the introductory module and further instructions. Please contact us at if you are not directed to this page.


Not sure which option is best for you? Email us at and we will be happy to advise.