Can I extend the course beyond 13 weeks?

Generally we ask that people try to complete the course within the thirteen weeks assigned.

However, we understand that your time is precious, and that it can be difficult to juggle work, illness or personal issues and study, so at any time during the course we offer you the option to extend your course for 2 months (8 weeks) or defer your course for 4 months.

Extending your course: You can add up to 8 weeks to the end of your course. Your tutor will help you reset your remaining module deadlines. This option is ideal if you find you are falling behind with your work.

Deferring course: You can temporarily stop the course and restart at a later date within 4 months of the date you stopped. This option is good if unexpected events arise which prevent you from working on your course such as illness, job projects etc.


A small administration fee is charged for processing an extension or deferment.

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