What kind of feedback have you had from your 101 graduates?

Here are just a few of the comments that we have received from our former students:

The experience of writing articles on contemporary art is very valuable. I appreciate all the support I got from the Art Radar staff. Their comments on my writing definitely sharpened my writing skills. The course also increased my knowledge of online publications. I believe these skills are essential to anyone who is working in the art field.

-Teresa Cheung

Formatting, writing style advice and tips on how to entice readers on the Web were fantastic and new to me. The writing style guide is also great. Generally speaking, the material was very easy to understand for a non-native English speaker like me.

-Alessandra Alliata Nobili

My tutor was fantastic and she went out of her way to help the student journalists. I truly enjoyed the course. The content was clear and organised, and the assignments were extremely interesting. This course not only helped me sharpen my writing skills, but also introduced me to the importance of social media. I enjoyed learning about formatting, proofreading and writing captions. Thank you for helping me become a better writer.

-Deepa Pant

You can read lots and lots of material, but unless you write a piece for publication, all the theory doesn’t really sink in. It’s also a great confidence booster to see your material in the public domain instead of filing away an essay in a folder. This is a good course for anyone thinking of freelance journalism.

-Paramita Leertouwer Gupta

We are particularly proud of the fact that all of the students that have completed our course to date have told us that they would happily continue learning with Art Radar and will recommend the course to their friends and colleagues.

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