What opportunities will be available to me in my home country/country of residence as an Art Radar graduate?

The skills that you will gain as a participant in our 102 art journalism programme have many practical applications across a number of different fields. We outline below just a few examples. There are many international opportunities that you, as an art writer experienced with the online medium, could take advantage of.

Write for a living

This course is designed for intermediate level writers that have already undertaken our 101 art writing certificate. It focuses on the developing your journalistic writing style, and incorporates some of the key techniques particular to writing about contemporary art news online. These skills can be used when writing for a web or print newspaper or magazine; in marketing or PR positions; for business writing; or to start your own blog.

Land a top art job 

The knowledge and skills base that you will gain through completing this Art Radar writing programme will ensure that you are invaluable to any university, company or institution involved with art. Our graduates have been hired by important auction houses and galleries and have been accepted into Master’s programmes at top universities in Asia and beyond based in part on their Art Radar work.

Promote effectively

Everyone in the art world, from dealers to collectors to curators, is involved in the promotion of an art event, artist or artwork at some point. After completing our 102 art writing course, you will get your projects noticed and covered by editors both off and online simply because you know how to think and write like a real art news journalist.

Remember, too, that while researching and writing your article/s during the course, you will be in contact with all kinds of people in the art world. And you never know what may come of those relationships!

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