What are our students saying? Certificate in Art Journalism & Writing 101

Read on to find out what graduates of our inaugural Certificate in Art Journalism & Writing 101 programme say about their time with us.


I like that the institute is treating me like a real journalist and [I’m] not just learning with a teacher or professor. It is like I am a writer for Art Radar and I have an article to produce with a deadline. […] The entire course was fun and useful. I had a blast!

Kenesha Julius, St. Kitts & Nevis, Art Radar 2016 alumna

It’s a clear, concise, systematic course. I have received an overall understanding about art writing. It gives me the opportunity to test which type of writing suits me most, so I can focus on more effectively. The feedback scheme also gives me more solutions and courage regarding how I can further work on my writing skills.

Suquin, China, Art Radar 2016 alumna

The actual writing exercises made me activate the new information I had just learned…I think I’ve learned more than I realise!

Alexander Lebbink, The Netherlands, Art Radar 2015 alumnus


I found the writing of the article to be the most challenging: I was given a YouTube video as a starting point and the whole big world of my artist developed from there. We had great guidance and support all of the way through and I could feel my work changing with each submission. I am very pleased with my development through this course.

Barbara Eadie, Canada, Art Radar 2014 alumna


I really enjoyed going through the modules, they were well structured, interesting, and easy to read and understand. The feedback on my article was excellent – very detailed, clear and helped me to learn about how to develop my own writing and what to watch out for.

Katie McGowan, Australia, Art Radar 2014 alumna


Producing the first article was a really fascinating process, from research structure through to final draft. At first they seemed like a lot of steps and I wondered if it was going to be necessary and then by the end I realised that every step and each draft was crucial. I learnt so much at each stage and I thought the whole process from sourcing images and producing captions through to documenting research sources were really good exercises in professionalism and detail. I also enjoyed the online exercises and appreciated the chance to read fellow students’ submissions. 

Camilla Cañellas, Spain, Art Radar 2013 alumna


I am currently doing my MFA in Painting in the United States. Coming from an academic scholarly writing background, the Art Journalism & Writing course really helped me understand the distinct style of art journalism. All the modules were easy to follow and interesting. I learned a lot about online media management and creative writing in general. I even made art world connections with one of my favorite contemporary artist groups! Writing my article as part of the course with a highly professional art journalism team and then getting published on Art Radar Journal was the perfect start that I needed.

Srinjoy Gangopadhyay, USA, Art Radar 2013 alumnus


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to doing more courses with Art Radar. My writing has improved considerably and I am able to recognise story structures, patterns and tiny details about art writing which would pass by unnoticed before. It was a well rounded course syllabus with just the right amount of information needed to understand the basic concepts of art writing.

Ria Sarkar, India, Art Radar 2013 alumna

Among the many aspects of the programme that I enjoyed, my favorite part would have to be the editor feedback on my writing. Kate’s edits and suggestions really helped me understand what kind of writing Art Radar and other contemporary art centers are looking for.

Letitia Chai, South Korea, Art Radar 2013 alumna

Thank you for the course and in particular to Kate Nicholson who spent many hours (literally) helping, commenting and discussing the course and exercises in a super enthusiastic and positive fashion!

Laetitia Wilcox, France, Art Radar 2013 alumna

It was great doing the Art Radar writing course, it has given me more self-confidence when it comes to writing about art and writing in English. Although I know there is still so much to learn and to improve, I now have the feeling that I can actually learn these things.

Nora Gantert, Germany, Art Radar 2013 alumna

Getting feedback from the editors is in my opinion the greatest learning experience. The feedback given was insightful and constructive. It gave me the extra push to further improve my writing. I also found the modules were written very well and easy to understand. 

– Aisha Habir, Indonesia, Art Radar 2013 alumna


Before taking this course, as a reader, I thought that the posts published on Art Radar are quite simple, so it should be very easy to write one. However, they are not. There is a lot behind writing a good post. I have to conduct online research, material study and analysis, writing (endless drafts), revision, formatting, proofreading and promotion. These are difficult and complicated, but I really enjoyed [the entire process], especially when my posts were published. I can’t believe that I can write something like a journalist!

Phyllis Wong, China, Art Radar 2012 alumna


This was my first course online and I was pleasantly surprised! A well thought-out, nicely paced and thorough course. Just what I needed.

Lisa Pollman, USA, Art Radar 2012 alumna


I really enjoyed learning how to write on an online platform and how to take advantage of the Internet to promote and enhance my writing.

Laura Sheridan, USA, Art Radar 2012 alumna


I quite enjoyed the research involved in writing the article, as it was always an interesting challenge to figure out the best angle for the story (not always the original angle provided). Every module was very informative, practical and useful, from coming up with the best title, angle and overall post [content] to how to use WordPress and social media for promotion. Invaluable stuff, especially for a soon-to-graduate art student. Can’t recommend it enough.

– Kristin, England, Art Radar 2012 alumna


It was great to be given the opportunity to write about art in Indonesia. Covering the Art Jog art fair was an eye-opening experience, as was interviewing street artists in Jakarta about the Indonesian street art database. The modules and guidance from the editor gave me the know-how to write the articles using the information I gathered.

Nadya Wang, England and Singapore, Art Radar 2012 alumna


I did enjoy the communication with artists, curators, galleries and prize organisers when I was doing my research. And I learnt a lot about how to write for online readers, and how to work the angle for the story.

– Si Zhao, China, Art Radar 2012 alumna


I really loved having an excuse to dive deeper into the contemporary art topics I’ve covered. It’s been a great way to fairly quickly feel as though I’m developing some proficiency on facets of contemporary art in Asia. All of the formatting, technical and how-to-get-your-post-read-and-why info has been great, too. Being of an age where I just missed out on all that being common knowledge, I really appreciated the gentle and clear instruction! I really loved the whole course, these are just the highlights!

Samantha, Singapore, Art Radar 2012 alumna


I absolutely loved studying with Art Radar! It was a great pleasure to work with an editor who was so supportive and encouraging, so friendly and welcoming, and always ready to give you a great tip at any stage of your writing process. My every enquiry was answered almost immediately. Especially for a starting journalist, it was very comforting to know that there was someone always there for you to clear away all your doubts regarding any questions you might have had. Feedback on the posts from two editors at a time helped a lot to work on my mistakes and improve my writing. The modules were thoroughly organised, very detailed, easy to comprehend, interesting and enticing.

Liya Prilipko, China, Art Radar 2012 alumna


I generally found all the modules very helpful and I enjoyed reading the content. I particularly found ‘Precise Proofreading’ and ‘Persuasive Promotion’ useful as I can transfer the knowledge directly to my work. The modules also contain checklists which I can [use to] improve my writing and online content promotion skills.

Hilda Chan, Hong Kong, Art Radar 2012 alumna


The practical aspect of this course is very valuable and a huge learning curve. You can read lots and lots of material but unless you physically write a piece that would be published, all the theories don’t really sink in. It’s also a great confidence booster to see your material published instead of filing it away an essay in your folder. This is a good course for anyone thinking of freelance journalism.

– Paramita Leertouwer Gupta, Hong Kong, Art Radar 2012 alumna


I enjoyed implimenting imediately the learning of the modules in real tasks. The feedback from the editors was great and with a level of detail that is hard to find in other contexts. The modules and how-to guides were a great reference that had so much information that I think I will still be working to put into practice all the lessons beyond the dates of the course.

Claire, Singapore, Art Radar 2012 alumna


[The] formatting and tips on writing style, and how to entice readers on the web, were fantastic and new to me; the writing style guide is also great. Generally speaking, the material was very clear, synthetic and easy to understand for a non-native English speaker like me.

– Alessandra Alliata Nobili,  Italy and the UK, Art Radar 2012 alumna


The experience of writing articles on contemporary art is very valuable. I appreciate all the support I got from the Art Radar staff. Their comments on my writing definitely sharpened my writing skills. The course also increased my knowledge of online publishing. I believe these skills are essential to anyone who is working in the art field.

Teresa Cheung, Hong Kong, Art Radar 2012 alumna


[I enjoyed conducting art] market research.

Sue Chong, Hong Kong, Art Radar 2012 alumna


Doing research on the posts I was writing enhanced my knowledge of Asian contemporary art. Writing the posts was a great way to increase my writing skills in English. The modules and the editorial comments were excellent tools that made it possible for me to write an appealing post.

Leslie, Hong Kong, Art Radar 2012 alumna


[I enjoyed] the actual information gathering and writing.

Michele, Germany, Art Radar 2011 alumna


I enjoyed the writing part and the research. It really opened my eyes about what’s out there in Asia. The writing part was also really good practice.

– Iris, Philippines, Art Radar 2011 alumna


I thoroughly enjoyed the researching for the articles. More importantly, I actually finally enjoyed using the Internet for more than just checking my emails and the odd Google search; I actually was able to use a site for articulating my thoughts. The modules were very good, especially the way they had been broken down and sent in small batches which made it a lot easier to follow and learn from.

– Naqiyah Sultan, India, Art Radar 2011 alumna


Kate Nicholson is a fantastic tutor and goes out of her way to help the student journalists. I truly enjoyed the course. The contents were clear and organised, and assignments were extremely interesting. This course not only helped me sharpen my writing skills, but also introduced me to the understanding and usage of social media. I enjoyed learning about formatting, proofreading and writing captions. Thank you for helping me become a better writer.

Deepa Pant, Kuwait, Art Radar 2011 alumna, freelance writer


The best part of the course was having my work professionally edited by two people and receiving feedback about my writing, and, of course, it is great to see the final version published. I also found the detailed course notes very helpful, not just for the practical writing tips, interviewing advice and style guidelines, but also for information specifically about online writing and search engine optimisation.

Deirdre Carmichael, Australia, Art Radar 2011 alumna


One of the greatest aspects of this course is seeing your work published. At university I did a lot of writing that was only read by tutors and lecturers and now is largely forgotten. With this course, its a chance to learn about the realities of writing for a public audience and all the ups and downs that come with it.

Jeanne Mueller, Australia, Art Radar 2011 alumna


I enjoyed the modules. I found them most comprehensive and useful.

Kathleen Ditzig, Singapore, Art Radar 2011 alumna

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