How to Write an Artist Statement

Dull, impenetrable prose and too many ‘isms’. Sound familiar? What if we add a pronounced rolling of the eyes to the mix?

Artist statements. Collectors do not read them, artists hate to write them and dealers pull their hair out over them. So…

Why do we need artist statements?

Everyone agrees that they are extremely useful for a number of documents familiar to art practitioners and professionals. We find them in

  • press releases
  • gallery wall placards
  • residency applications
  • website profiles
  • grant applications
  • catalogue essasy

to name just a few of the many habitats of the ubiquitous artist statement.

Why do we continue producing them if they bore us so much? We continue to produce them because we know that words have power and that powerful writing sells.

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Why is compelling writing powerful?

Words sell ideas and dreams. Martin Luther King knew that. Words persuade people to take far-reaching actions. John F. Kennedy knew that.

When written in the right way, artist statements can have great power, too. They can intrigue, engage, create a sense of wonder and, most importantly, they can persuade viewers to look again, to take look closer at the art in question.

Whether you are a dealer selling works or an artist selling concepts, ideas or experiences,

  • your viewer
  • your reader
  • your audience

needs to be engaged and persuaded.

It is a Web world now and this is not a world that tolerates boring. Attention spans are shorter and there is a vast amount of images, words and data beeping, vibrating and otherwise competing for attention from screens and smartphones everywhere and at all times.

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How did this course come about?

Art Radar was approached by a leading Hong Kong university to develop a course that would teach participating students the most effective ways in which to write an artist statement. As such, we are currently researching and developing this brand new course.

It is a course that we are very excited about because we believe it will fundamentally change the way people write artist statements. Follow our methods and we guarantee that your writing will be compelling.

We are still at the pre-launch stage, so if you are interested in this course, sign up to our list now and you will be entitled to an early bird discount when we launch.

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