Art Radar City Meet up | A Look Into Contemporary Chinese Ink: an afternoon tour of three galleries | Hong Kong | 2014

Art Radar invites you to join us for another popular City Meet Up. We will lead you on a private tour of contemporary Chinese ink art now on show at three influential galleries in the Pedder Building of Hong Kong.

Master of the Water Pine and Stone Retreat, “Recalling the World of the Isubstantial Hermit”, 2013, Signed and Dated ‘December 2013’, with three seals of the artist, ink and colour on cloud-dragon paper, 78x70cm

Master of the Water Pine and Stone Retreat, “Recalling the World of the Isubstantial Hermit”, 2013, Signed and Dated ‘December 2013’, with three seals of the artist, ink and colour on cloud-dragon paper, 78x70cm

For more than two millennia, ink has been the most important medium in Chinese painting and calligraphy. Since the 1980’s however use of the medium has evolved fast and today what we call “Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting”  can include works by artists who are not Chinese and in mediums “beyond the brush”.

These developments have been noticed and have spurred museum shows of historic importance culminating in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China” less than 6 months ago in New York.

“Interest in contemporary Chinese ink painting, the age-old tradition that is currently undergoing a renaissance, has never been greater. (…)The market is sitting up and taking notice, and there is even talk of ink being ‘the new contemporary Chinese art’ – attracting a rush of collectors.” The Art Newspaper

It is rare that three of the most important galleries in Hong Kong are showing – side by side and at the same time – artists who are significant players in the evolution of the fascinating story of contemporary Chinese Ink.

Cai Xiaosong, "Planet", 2009, Ink on silk, 100x100cm

Cai Xiaosong, “Planet”, 2009, Ink on silk, 100x100cm

The three galleries included in this tour take us on a journey through time and we can see how the fresh perspectives of contemporary artists have their roots in more traditional works by mid-career and elder artists.

“Meditations in Nature: New Ink” by Ben Brown Fine Arts is exhibiting works of ten contemporary artists.

“Spiritual as the Mountain” by Pearl Lam showcases seven Chinese contemporary artists born between 1942-1968 who are inspired by the spirituality of nature and Chinese tradition through a range of mediums. Many of these artists are exhibiting in Hong Kong for the first time.

“Three Elders: Luis Chan, Galyord Chan and Chu Hing Wah” by Hanart TZ is presenting three Elders also known as the “Masters of Hong Kong”.

You will also learn more about the pivotal contribution made by artists from Hong Kong, a place which has been described as “the cradle” of the contemporary Chinese ink.

Chinese ink art – both traditional and contemporary – can be demanding and requires connoisseurship for full appreciation.  You will have a chance to ask questions about the artists and their works and chat with a curator or representative at each gallery.

This tour will be followed by drinks at the Captain’s Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel: a chance to meet other readers and fellow art enthusiasts. The event will low key and intimate – a great opportunity to network with other art enthusiasts and form collaborations and new friendships.

This is a rare chance to get an overview of contemporary Chinese Ink Painting at a significant time in its development.

Meet Up details:
  • Date: Saturday 3rd May 2014

  • Time: 4pm Tour – Meet at 3:45pm on 6/F Pedder Building at Pearl Lam entrance.

  • Followed by drinks and a chat at The Captain’s Bar at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel at 5.30-6pm

  • Cost: HKD200   (HKD100 concessions- contact Claire at email below)

(Note: this fee will go to Art Radar for organising the event. Drinks after the event to be paid by attendees.)


Any questions, please contact Kate Evans on (+852 61030470) or Claire Bouchara on

We are looking forward to seeing you and feel free to bring guests and friends.


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