Art and Seoul: Where to see contemporary art in South Korea’s capital

Art Radar gives an insight into Seoul’s art scene and where to find the best art districts to visit for South Korean and Asian art.

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Asia’s “Art Cities of the Future”: Where are the region’s emerging art hubs?

The recently released Phaidon book Art Cities of the Future: 21st Century Avant-Gardes highlights twelve art cities of the future with unique avant-garde scenes, five of which are Asian.

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Meet us at ARCOmadrid 2012! Art Radar participant in Asian Maps IX

Kate Cary Evans, Executive Editor for and Founder of Art Radar, will be participating in a Casa Asia-organised panel event at ARCOmadrid Forum for 2012. Meet the Art Radar team in Spain!

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Leading non-profit institutions gathered by Tate Modern for art event: Art Radar Asia lists Asian participants

TATE MODERN ARTS FESTIVALS ASIAN ART INSTITUTIONS LISTS In celebration of the Tate Modern‘s tenth birthday, thirteen Asian art institutions were invited to join global arts festival No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents in early May this year. The event brought … Continue reading