“Ecstasy as Sublime, Heart as Vector”: Pakistan’s Shahzia Sikander – artist profile

Shahzia Sikander’s “outburst of energy, imagination, and creativity” is on show at MAXXI in Rome until 23 October 2016.

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Contemporary art funding in Asia: 5 top posts

Art Radar’s ‘Lists’ series continues with a look at five of the top posts on contemporary art funding in Asia.

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Para/Site bring Indonesian moving image to Hong Kong – Record Waves exhibition

“Recorded Waves: Moving Images from Indonesia” began at Para/Site Art Space in Hong Kong in November this year. Curated by Para/Site’s Executive Director and Curator Alvaro Rodríguez Fominaya, the exhibition displays an assemblage of examples of the development of video art in Indonesia. It is presented simultaneously with “Jompet.Third Realm”, a solo exhibition of work by celebrated Indonesian artist Kuswidananto aka Jompet.

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Art Radar speaks with Para/Site curator, director Fominaya on November auction event

ART AUCTION FUNDRAISER HONG KONG CURATOR INTERVIEW Para/Site Art Space, a non-profit organisation located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, will hold its annual Para/Site Fundraising Auction in early November this year. It will take place in the Kee Club, who also … Continue reading

Ai Weiwei and Vito Acconci wrap up major collaboration at Hong Kong's Para/Site art space

AI WEIWEI CHINESE ART HONG KONG ART SPACES ARTIST COLLABORATIONS With a new project, Chinese art all-rounder Ai Weiwei, in cooperation with American artist Vito Acconci, has brought fresh dialogues between the East and West to Hong Kong, a monumental event in Ai … Continue reading

The Problem of Asia: Para/Site art exhibition explores Asian identity in Sydney

PARA/SITE ASIAN IDENTITY ART The Problem of Asia, an exhibition presented 30 April – 22 May, 2010 at Chalk Horse Sydney in partnership with Hong Kong’s Para/Site Art Space, deals with an array of issues, not all of which are politically correct. The … Continue reading

This is Hong Kong: video art exhibition highlights differences between Hong Kong and the mainland

HONG KONG VIDEO ART MOVING IMAGE Hong Kong’s identity revealed through moving image Hong Kong: a Chinese city, a territory, a post-colonial state. Since China regained sovereignty of the area from Britain in 1997, Hong Kong has been struggling to … Continue reading

Shahzia Sikander questions authority with new video art medium at Para/Site in Hong Kong

PAKISTANI CONTEMPORARY VIDEO ART Art Radar talks to Pakistani miniaturist and video-maker Shahzia Sikander on the occasion of her debut show in China. The internationally acclaimed Shahzia Sikander spent 2003-2008 performing an in-depth study of the moving image and the fruits … Continue reading