“Model Malady”: Shahryar Nashat at Portikus, Frankfurt

Shahryar Nashat’s “Model Malady” at Frankfurt’s Portikus comprises video and installation works that present contrasting views of a body in its human and fabricated form.

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“Summer Shower”: Korean-American artist Jamie M. Lee at Bongsan Cultural Centre, Daegu

Daegu’s Bongsan Cultural Center showcases Jamie M. Lee’s intimate memories and visions.

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Art, science and perception: American-Korean artist Michael Joo – artist profile

Michael Joo’s “Radiohalo” at Blain|Southern in London revisits and interrogates the nature of perception.

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Transforming materiality: Jane Lee at Singapore Tyler Print Institute

Following a residency by the artist at Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), the creative workshop and gallery opened a solo exhibition of the work of young Singapore artist Jane Lee on 17 January 2016. The show entitled “Freely, Freely” runs until 5 March.

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Documenting Japanese avant-garde and world art history: Shigeo Anzai’s photography

Japanese photographer Shigeo Anzaï’s oeuvre brings to life Japanese avant-garde art and Western experimental artists. In a two-part exhibition, White Rainbow gallery in London collects Japanese photographer Shigeo Anzaï’s work, which documents contemporary art history from Japan’s Mono-ha and avant-garde … Continue reading