The (potential) politics of art: China’s soft power push

The New York Times ran an article in June 2012 on Chinese museums and their recent push to host exhibitions of international artwork. We take a closer look at China’s soft power push.

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Indian art season in France: installation dominates 2 major museum shows

Work by a plethora of Indian artists is on show at two French museums: “Paris-Delhi-Bombay” at the Centre Pompidou (Paris) and “Indian Highway IV” at MAC (Lyons).

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Asian pavilions at the 54th Venice Biennale – first critic response

ART HK 11 is over and as art world attention moves back to Europe, we take a look at what pavilions from the Asian region are offering viewers at the 54th Venice Biennale.

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Ai Weiwei on why Ullens are quitting Beijing centre – TimeOut interview

In a recent TimeOut interview, Ai Weiwei weighs in on the cancellation of his Ullens Centre retrospective and the organisation’s impending management changes.

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Malaysian artist Yee I-Lann mixes batik and photography in “Boogeyman” exhibition

“Boogeyman” is Malaysian artist Yee I-Lann’s attempt to document and explore the notion of the Orang Besar, a Southeast Asian term used to describe those members of the socio-political and economic elite in the area. In this exhibition, the artist uses a mix of batik and photography techniques to develop elaborate works which provoke a strong emotive response.

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Nindityo Adipurnomo talks with Art Radar on "+Road" collaboration with Myanmar artists, "gambling spirit" of Indonesian collectors

ART PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW INDONESIAN ART EVENTS In an Art Radar Asia exclusive interview with Cemeti founder Nindityo Adipurnomo, we hear the fascinating story of their latest venture working collaboratively with artists from Myanmar.  Read on to learn how cultural conflicts and … Continue reading

Questioning “Made in China” – Interview Avant-Garde Beijing Artist: Huang Rui

CONTEMPORARY CHINESE ART Father of contemporary Chinese art, Huang Rui is a Beijing artist who dares to think and act differently in a society that demands conformity. Prominent founder of the historically momentous 1979 Stars Group as well as the famous … Continue reading