Changing global retail landscape: Can Hong Kong art galleries adapt? Part II

In part two of an essay for Taiwan-based art magazine ArtcoArt Radar founder Kate Cary Evans discusses the tectonic shifts in the Hong Kong art scene over the past decade and what they mean for the future.

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Sotheby’s runs one-week art business course in Hong Kong – resource alert

In April 2012, Sotheby’s Institute of Art is bringing a one-week “Business Management in the Art World” course to Hong Kong art professionals.

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India Art Fair 2012: For international galleries, India focus among emerging economies

A round-up of the India Art Fair which ended on 29 January 2012. Art Radar finds out what the overall reception of the fair was this time around.

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Online art business: Inspirations from Hong Kong gallery director Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang, director of Hong Kong-based Mischmasch, both an online auction space and a gallery, suggests some practical ways to successfully move your art business online.

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3 art innovators share intriguing business models at first ArtInsight seminar

ART EVENTS LONDON ARTS MANAGEMENT GLOBAL ART MARKET On 25 January, an ArtInsight-organised seminar brought together the experiences of three innovators in the art business: Sigrid Wilkinson, Julie Lomax and Joe La Placa. Though the seminar did not focus on … Continue reading

Contemporary galleries face intense competition, must re-think game plan

As pointed out in a recent The Art Newspaper article, competition has never been fiercer for international contemporary galleries so today the top ones are focussing on building their global brand. As demand for contemporary artwork grows, the size and number of contemporary art galleries that sell it increases.

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Groundbreaking art from East or West? Top art professionals debate at Saatchi

Art enthusiasts and those at the top of the art profession gathered on 11 November at The Saatchi Gallery to witness “The Most Ground Breaking Contemporary Art is from the East”. This debate, organised by Intelligence Squared, a global forum for live debate that is dedicated to producing knowledge through contest, explored the growth of Eastern economies and its effect on the globalised art market. And sitting among the audience was Art Radar, armed with a tape recorder and notepad, busy getting the information we pass onto you now.

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