Asian Art Museum’s “Phantoms of Asia”: 5 Indian artists contemplate tradition

In a survey exhibition at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum, five contemporary Indian artists create works that talk with the artifacts they sit next to.

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A look back at 1980s China-US art relationship – The Washington Post

In an article published in The Washington Post in December 2011, Meredith Palmer talks about one of the first surveys of historical and American abstract paintings to head to China.

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Seeking Korea artist residency? International opportunities at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon

Seoul Art Space, founded in 2008, has a dual mission that differentiates it from other art foundations. It focuses on reviving abandoned and idle buildings into venues for artists.

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Unparalleled “NEW AGE: NEW MEDIA” exhibition shows 12 Australian and Chinese video works – 7 month China tour

A China first, “NEW AGE: NEW MEDIA” exhibition is showing twelve Australian and Chinese video works over seven months in a Chinese-wide tour that ends December 2012.

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Ou Ning on Get it Louder – new voice in China’s visual arts scene

The third edition of “Get It Louder” (GIL), perhaps one of the most ambitious Chinese exhibitions representing emerging young talent across multiple fields, ran from 19 September to 7 November this year in Beijing and Shanghai. Curious about GIL’s mission and its growth, Art Radar Asia had an in-depth discussion with Ou Ning, the brainchild and chief curator of the event. Ou Ning himself is a wearer of many artistic hats and our interview also explores some of his experiences.

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First time for Afghanistani, Kyrgyz and Iraqi artists in Sovereign Asian Art Prize finalist line-up

Thirty finalists have been chosen from over four hundred nominees from all over Asia Pacific for the 2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize. For the first time ever the list includes works from Afghanistan, Kyrgyztan and Iraq. In another first, the Sovereign Art Foundation will hold a major fundraising event in Singapore, selecting twenty of the best works by Singaporean artists to be sold at a special auction dinner. Art Radar lists five of the finalists.

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First Hong Kong solo for Korean sculptor artist Lee Jae-Hyo

HONG KONG KOREAN SCULPTURE ART EXHIBITIONS Work by internationally renowned Korean sculptor, Lee Jae-Hyo, will soon be on show in Hong Kong for the first time. In a new exhibition, “From the Third Hand of the Creator”, to be held … Continue reading

Not-so-underground artist showcased in basement gallery: Tsong Pu's TFAM solo

TAIWAN ART ART MUSEUM SHOWS SOLO EXHIBITION The Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) in Taipei, Taiwan is currently exhibiting the works of Taiwanese artist Tsong Pu. The exhibition, entitled “Art from the Underground: Tsong Pu Solo Exhibition“, displays over 100 … Continue reading