London awash with Korean contemporary art in summer 2012

A June 2012 forum on Korean-UK contemporary art exchanges comes amid a wave of new Korean contemporary art events in the United Kingdom.

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Art Dubai’s Global Art Forum 2012 adds days and cities to schedule – event alert

Returning for a sixth year as part of the Art Dubai contemporary art fair, the Global Arts Forum 2012 will expand to six days and spread to two cities.

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ART HK 11 top topics media round-up: Ai Weiwei, Gao Weigang, ASIA ONE and gallery sales

Art Radar collects what journalists, critics, bloggers and Tweeters had to say on the top trends of ART HK 11: Ai Weiwei, Gao Weigang, ASIA ONE and gallery sales.

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Rare India China art collaboration: West Heavens project a success?

Rising Asian superpowers China and India address the lack of intra-Asian contemporary art exchange with West Heavens exhibition series and summit.

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Ou Ning on Get it Louder – new voice in China’s visual arts scene

The third edition of “Get It Louder” (GIL), perhaps one of the most ambitious Chinese exhibitions representing emerging young talent across multiple fields, ran from 19 September to 7 November this year in Beijing and Shanghai. Curious about GIL’s mission and its growth, Art Radar Asia had an in-depth discussion with Ou Ning, the brainchild and chief curator of the event. Ou Ning himself is a wearer of many artistic hats and our interview also explores some of his experiences.

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Curator Valerie Doran on ‘Hope and Glory’ and challenges for Hong Kong art world – interview

HONG KONG CURATOR INTERVIEW For a place that has been repeatedly touted as a cultural desert, Hong Kong has managed to attract arts practitioners from many walks of life who are dedicated to working with the challenging realities present within … Continue reading