ART HK crash course: all you need to know – Art Radar past coverage

ART HK 12 is mere days away and to celebrate Art Radar offers a list of some of our past posts on the largest and most respected art fair in Asia dating back to 2008.

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ART HK 11 Hong Kong art fair: Mystery man behind Hong Kong art fair success – Charles Ross

We take a look at the man who is really responsible for the resounding success that is ART HK, a man with a special knack for single market event management.

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Hong Kong art fair ART HK 11: Past ART HK editions coverage – compare and contrast

We step back into time to take a look at (and list) all our coverage of past ART HK’s, from 2008 to the lead up to this week’s event.

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World's top collectors and art professionals attend ART HK: a testament to fair's growing importance

ART HK 10 HONG KONG ART FAIR ART COLLECTORS ART MARKET ART HK 10 was reportedly more festive than the ’09 edition due to its increasing ability to attract more high-profile and experienced collectors and curators from round the world, … Continue reading

What did the galleries say about ART HK 10? Art Radar Asia speaks to 19 dealers

HONG KONG ART FAIR Art Radar Asia attended ART HK 10 on Sunday with the aim of getting a perspective on the who is selling what to whom. Below we lay out the comments from and opinions of 19 of the … Continue reading

More art, better art, riskier art at Art HK 09

HONG KONG ART FAIR “What do you think of the art fair this year?” Advisors, fair visitors, writers and artists graciously suffered our question ‘du jour’ for the duration of the much-anticipated second edition of Art HK. Tipped to be … Continue reading

Newslink roundup Hong Kong art fair – Art HK 09

     HONG KONG ART FAIR NEWS Flu Season – Artforum – 24 May 09 – Must read – This gossip column-style drily written piece, complete with photos of Asian art scene-shapers, takes a comprehensive look at most aspects of the fair: management (white … Continue reading