Asian Art Museum’s “Phantoms of Asia”: 5 Indian artists contemplate tradition

In a survey exhibition at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum, five contemporary Indian artists create works that talk with the artifacts they sit next to.

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Asian art museums and social media use: Broader audiences, meaningful engagement

A recent story published in The Jerusalem Post looks at how museums in Israel are utilising social media platforms. We look at how other countries around Asia are doing the same.

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Dining with Abramović and her nudes: Exploitation or art? Opinion round up

The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Arts sparked controversy when Marina Abramović’s planned performance was publicly condemned by American choreographer Yvonne Rainer.

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Delhi plans new art museum in power plant – Guardian article

CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM PUBLIC GALLERY INDIA London’s Tate Modern will provide the model for a new public art gallery in Delhi, to be built within the shell of the decommissioned Indraprastha power plant. The cost of the reportedly-approved project could … Continue reading

Maraya Art Centre hub for contemporary Arab art

The Maraya Art Centre is located in the heart of Sharjah in Al-Qasba, a city that is rising as a Middle Eastern cultural center. This institution is the product of collaborative efforts to create a place where contemporary Arab art can bloom. In this article we offer a profile of the Centre; we talk about its components and why it was developed.

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Need an introduction to modern Arab art? Mathaf opens December

Qatar Museums Authority announces the 30 December, 2010 opening of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar with the inaugural exhibition “Sajjil: A Century of Modern Art”.

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Russian-born Lena Liv captures Moscow's socialist subways in Tel Aviv museum show

PHOTOGRAPHY INSTALLATION LIGHT BOXES MUSEUM SHOWS RUSSIA ISRAEL ITALY Artist Lena Liv takes her shots in the early morning, capturing various Moscow subway stations before people crowd the architecture. Her interest in these Stalin-era “palaces for the Proletariat” may stem … Continue reading

Largest art museum in the world to be built in south China – Shanghai Eye

NEW ART MUSEUM CHINA Shenzhen officials announced they are building “the world’s largest art museum” reports Shanghai Eye. Spokesperson for the project, Wang Xiao Ming, said work will begin in March 2009, with a budget directly from the government of … Continue reading