Gwangju Biennale 2012: Curatorial genius or chaos?

With so many directors (six) and directions (six overlapping sub-themes), will it be possible for those behind the 9th Gwangju Biennale to produce a cogent and compelling event?

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Have fairs and biennials fallen out of step? The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper notes an unusual trend in the contemporary art world. Young artists from established countries like America are receiving less and less attention at biennials.

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Qatar top contemporary art buyer internationally, reports Art Newspaper

According to an article published in The Art Newspaper, Qatar (and the Qatari Royal family) is the world’s biggest buyer of modern and contemporary art today.

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Ask for an art mag subscription for Christmas: 5 suggestions

While the world goes digital around you sometimes it’s nice to site down at your desk and flick through the pages of a well-produced glossy. Art Radar presents a hand-picked selection of art magazines that will keep you or those around you easily up-to-date with the goings on in the Asian and international art worlds. Get purchasing quick! The holiday season fast approaches.

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The 17th Sydney Biennale – Art Radar rounds up highlights, disappointments and critiques

BIENNALES ART EVENTS AUSTRALIAN ART CONTEMPORARY ART GLOBALISATION ENLIGHTENMENT With an unprecedentedly high attendance of over half a million visitors, the 17th Sydney Biennale has also been the largest in scale since the biennale was first held in 1973. From … Continue reading

‘Guerilla’ gallerist on introducing Banksy to Asia, art atmosphere in Hong Kong- interview

HONG KONG ART MARKET Two year old gallery Fabrik, known for its unique guerilla exhibitions and for bringing Western iconic artists to Asia, sets up permanent home in Hong Kong. The Fabrik Contemporary Art Gallery is young in Hong Kong, … Continue reading