Art Radar’s 17 most-searched Asian contemporary artists, January to June 2012

Heading into the second half of the year, Art Radar’s artist search data for January to June has just come in. 2012 brought with it several major changes to the list.

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The fearsome fours: A bigger, smarter, busier Art Radar

With your continued support, we can realise the age-old US election slogan: four more years! Art Radar celebrated its fourth birthday in July 2012. Growing up has been a long and rewarding experience, and we’re learning more than ever about … Continue reading

Art Radar’s 15 most-searched contemporary Asian artists, July to December 2011

Art Radar‘s most-searched artists from June to December 2011. Ai Weiwei takes the number one spot and South Korean artists see a spike in popularity.

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Must-know global art trends from 6 art professionals – The Miami Herald

The Miami Herald questioned six art professionals on their views on global art trends. We summarise the main points from the article and supplement them with thoughts of our own.

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Art Radar 3rd birthday loyal reader giveaway: Picasso photobook

Up for grabs by loyal Art Radar subscribers is a beautiful hardback photobook that documents a show of works by Pablo Picasso held at Ben Brown Gallery in Hong Kong.

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Tips and tricks for buying Asian contemporary art – event alert

Get specialist tips and tricks for buying Asian art. An event alert for a course on art investment given by Art Radar founder Kate Cary Evans.

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Words in Art: India’s Raqs Media Collective see all words as equal

Indian artist group Raqs Media Collective is the first to be featured as part of our new words-in-art series. In this interview, Raqs talks about how they use written language to express their particular views and thoughts within their new media works. – Group conversation and discussion, and the recording of this narrative, is integral to their art practice – Their biggest challenge to date was the curation of “The Rest of Now” for Manifesta 7 in 2008 – The group likes to use words that leave the reader asking questions and for them, words have no hierarchy – The installation Skirmish (2010) is part of an ongoing series of ‘love stories’ – Time is often explored in artwork by Raqs and is a concept that particularly interests the group; they discuss Escapement – A show at Experimenter Gallery in February, 2011, is announced as well as a new light sculpture, Revoltage.

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