Asia Art Archive online: landmark moment for contemporary Asian art scholarship

Not just for Hong Kongers, Asia Art Archive’s collection is now open to an international audience, accessible through a custom designed website. Asia Art Archive (AAA) launched a beta version of its online collection on 5 June 2012. The initial … Continue reading

Brain scans reveal the power of art – The Telegraph

As reported in The Telegraph in May 2011, some works of art have now been scientifically proven to provoke intense feelings of pleasure in human test subjects.

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Ask for an art mag subscription for Christmas: 5 suggestions

While the world goes digital around you sometimes it’s nice to site down at your desk and flick through the pages of a well-produced glossy. Art Radar presents a hand-picked selection of art magazines that will keep you or those around you easily up-to-date with the goings on in the Asian and international art worlds. Get purchasing quick! The holiday season fast approaches.

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MoMA Asia Art Archive collaborate, launch Chinese art projects with public programmes

CONTEMPORARY CHINESE ART PUBLICATION Asia Art Archive (AAA) and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) celebrate the completion of two documentary projects that are essential to a deeper understanding of the history of contemporary Chinese art: AAA’s Materials of the … Continue reading

Top 20 Asian artists June 2010: Art Radar Asia's most-searched artists

TOP ASIAN CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS In January this year, we published the article, “Top 17 Asian artists 2009: Art Radar’s most-searched artists“, listing Art Radar Asia‘s most searched for artists to the end of 2009. This was so popular with our … Continue reading

Identify recession survivors with new Survival Rating methodology from ArtTactic

ART RESEARCH ART MARKET This month, ArtTactic launched its first version of the Art Market Survival Rating methodology, as part of its US & European Art Market Confidence Survey. The new measurement captures the likelihood of whether an artist will … Continue reading