Weekly jobs and opportunities | exclusive Christie’s tour, open call for public art

Whether you are an artist or an aspiring curator, a market analyst or a scholar, Art Radar Opportunities will have listings that pique your interest.

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Hong Kong art fair ART HK 12: Top contemporary art walk tips for new collectors

ART HK 12’s art tours offered a fun way to explore the fair and the galleries while learning about art. Two different tours were available and each tackled the fair from a different angle.

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Exploring Manila art spaces on four wheels? Try two instead

Rock Drilon, artist, owner of Mag:net Gallery in Quezon City and an avid biker, had the idea of bringing together two of his loves in 2011 in a series of city gallery tours called ARTBike.

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Tour new Tokyo art and design district – The Japan Times

The Japan Times takes a quirky look at a new Tokyo art district in Nihonbashi, publishing an article in which Kit Nagamura brings you a colloquial chronicle of his tour.

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Taiwan eco-art exhibition Going Green tours America – curator interview

Environmental art in Asia is not a subject we’ve touched on much here at Art Radar. So when we heard about “Going Green”, an environmental art exhibition that took Taiwanese artists and their art to America, we decided to interview curator Jane Ingram Allen to find out more.

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4 tips on how to make your art tour memorable – a museum case study by Nina Simon

ART TOURS TIPS AND RESOURCES MUSEUMS TOUR GUIDES In a recent blog post, Nina Simon, author of The Participatory Museum, a book that talks about practical innovations to enhance community and visitor participation in the museum experience, looks at the simple yet effective model … Continue reading

Off the beaten track day tours of contemporary art London January – April 2009

ART TOURS The Contemporary Art Society offers a simple navigation of some of the UK’s most exciting emerging artists through galleries, studios and independent spaces that are off-the-beaten-track and otherwise difficult to reach. Embracing cutting edge contemporary art in far-flung and … Continue reading