Horrific events in Japan and how art helps – ART IT columnist Kyoichi Tsuzuki

In an article for ART IT, columist Kyoichi Tsuzuki takes some time to show us how art has been utilised by Japanese people during and after horrific and extreme events.

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Art review revamp needed? Hyperallergic questions form’s relevance

Does the traditional art review need to reach audiences beyond art world boundaries? Is there a place for art reviewing in mass media? Art blog Hyperallergic questions.

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Taiwan eco-art exhibition Going Green tours America – curator interview

Environmental art in Asia is not a subject we’ve touched on much here at Art Radar. So when we heard about “Going Green”, an environmental art exhibition that took Taiwanese artists and their art to America, we decided to interview curator Jane Ingram Allen to find out more.

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Most groundbreaking contemporary art from East? Three top art experts say no

Last week Art Radar outlined in an article the arguments presented for the motion by three of the speakers involved in “The Most Groundbreaking Contemporary Art is from the East” debate. This week we outline the arguments against the motion as presented by art professionals Sarah Kent, Kenny Schachterand Richard Wentworth.

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Christie’s provides first-hand view of top Indonesian artists – event alert

This one’s for Hong Kong-based lovers of contemporary Southeast Asian art. Visualising Indonesia – A Curatorial Journey is part of Christie’s Autumn 2010 Lecture Series in Hong Kong and an event we highly recommend those in the city try to get to. Speaker Enin Supriyanto, an independent curator and writer based in Jogjakarta will speak on the top artists of the region from his position “as an active observer of the local art scene.”

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New media art showcased in first Indian festival of its kind

INDIA FESTIVALS NEW MEDIA ART Artists, critics, historians and art lovers gathered at the First National Art Week of New Media in late September this year at the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh, India, through the collaboration between … Continue reading

Writer Steven Pettifor talks about the old and the new in Thai contemporary art – Art Radar interview

THAI ART BOOK WRITER INTERVIEW Thailand has long had a small but very vibrant contemporary art scene. Compared with its recently-flourishing neighbours, however, contemporary Thai art hasn’t been getting much attention. Little has been written about it. Back in 2003, … Continue reading

Interventions explore art industry relationships in curator Meenakshi Thirukode's Guild Art Gallery show: interview

ART GALLERY SHOW ASIAN ART IDENTITY CURATOR INTERVIEW “Structures Within an Intervention“, a show that was on at The Guild Art Gallery, New York, was centered on the various relationships that exist in the art world. Relationships that determine the … Continue reading