ART HK 11 top topics media round-up: Ai Weiwei, Gao Weigang, ASIA ONE and gallery sales

Art Radar collects what journalists, critics, bloggers and Tweeters had to say on the top trends of ART HK 11: Ai Weiwei, Gao Weigang, ASIA ONE and gallery sales.

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Sotheby’s Hong Kong Spring 2011 Asian contemporary art sales – results

Did Sotheby mirror their autumn 2010 auction success in their 2011 spring sales? Take a look at the results from the Asian Contemporary Art and Southeast Asian sales.

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Ai Weiwei now represented by Lisson Gallery, show in Taipei announced

CHINESE ARTISTS GALLERY REPRESENTATION ART EXHIBITIONS TAIPEI Ai Weiwei’s name is appearing on contemporary art news websites weekly, with new shows, artworks and events constantly making headlines. Now, The Art Newspaper has revealed a potential 2011 show in Taiwan and … Continue reading