Impending Arabic Art Glossary seeks to close language gap – resource alert

Art Dubai and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art have commissioned the first ever Arabic Art Glossary to be developed over the next year, a project led by Palestinian curator Lara Khaldi.

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Photographing art: 8 tips on how to do it right

We particularly like the ideas that online gallery Light Space & Time offer on their website, useful as they are for artists, collectors, gallerists and exhibition-goers alike.

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Copyright-safe video resource for artists – New York Times

VIDEO ART RESOURCE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Over 10,000 Creative Commons-licensed videos are soon to appear on a new section of YouTube’s free online video editor, The New York Times reported in June 2011. Debates over copyright on YouTube are the drivers … Continue reading

Web 2.0 for art: 3 apps and sites for art collectors – resource alert

trend-hunting site trendcentral has highlighted three new Internet-based services that aim at making life easier for art collectors, dealers and artists.

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