“Immortality for All: A Film Trilogy on Russian Cosmism”: Russian artist Anton Vidokle on Utopia

Art Radar looks at the ideas behind “Immortality for All” by Anton Vidokle.

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Preview: 5 highlights from the 7th Beirut Art Fair

Prior to the opening of the Beirut Art Fair, Art Radar selects a few highlights not to be missed.

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Contemporary art in Beirut: Art Radar guide

As part of its city art guides series, Art Radar spotlights Beirut’s vibrant art scene.

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Weekly jobs and opportunities | Ila Dalmia FICA Research Grant, Ashkal Alwan Senior Cultural Manager

Looking for new career options in the arts? Art Radar Opportunities is a convenient archive of openings in the visual art world. Every week we add new positions suitable for a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you’re … Continue reading

Asia’s “Art Cities of the Future”: Where are the region’s emerging art hubs?

The recently released Phaidon book Art Cities of the Future: 21st Century Avant-Gardes highlights twelve art cities of the future with unique avant-garde scenes, five of which are Asian.

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Beirut finally has a permanent, non-commercial arts centre

 ART SPACE LEBANON   The Lebanese capital hosts one of the most vibrant and celebrated contemporary art scenes in the Middle East, reports Kaelen Wilson-Goldie in an article for The National. L’Agenda Culturel, Beirut’s biweekly listings guide to cultural happenings … Continue reading