“Home Thoughts from Abroad”: three emerging artists at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017

Held at the artist run initiative Praxis ARTSPACE, the exhibition “Home Thoughts from Abroad” showcases video, painting and installation from three Australia-based artists.

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“Art is stronger than war”: Afghanistan’s first female street artist speaks out – interview

Afghanistan’s first female street artist, Shamsia Hassani, talks with Art Radar about the growing art scene in the country, women’s rights and covering the memory of war with art.

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The Sticker Lady: Singapore street artist arrest

A 25-year-old female Singapore street artist has been arrested for painting “MY GRANDFATHER ROAD” around the city. The vandalism charge is sparking a debate over the legality and benefits of street art.

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Steal a Banksy and keep it, guilt and prison free

There is a AUD15,000 Banksy lurking in a corridor of one of three of Melbourne’s Art Series Hotels and the company is offering its guests the opportunity to swipe it.

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Can graffiti still shock and challenge? Top Art Radar posts

Art Radar looks at a theme that has been a bone of contention in the art world for some time. Is street art finally being accepted as mainstream? Part of our ongoing ‘Lists’ series.

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Art Radar launches Hong Kong Street Art Series: interview with co-owner of Above Second

HONG KONG STREET ART URBAN ART SERIES While the street art gallery scene in Europe has been pushed into maturity by world-renowned and highly sought after urban artists such as Banksy, it is only in recent years that it has started … Continue reading

‘Guerilla’ gallerist on introducing Banksy to Asia, art atmosphere in Hong Kong- interview

HONG KONG ART MARKET Two year old gallery Fabrik, known for its unique guerilla exhibitions and for bringing Western iconic artists to Asia, sets up permanent home in Hong Kong. The Fabrik Contemporary Art Gallery is young in Hong Kong, … Continue reading