Xu Bing 30 years celebrated by Audi-sponsored Chinese art award

Chinese-born artist Xu Bing received the “30-year Accomplishment” prize as part of the inaugural (2011) Arts China: Audi Arts & Design Award.

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Video artists raise awareness about water conservation in China

Beijing’s second “Shan Shui” exhibition, “Shan Shui 2010: H2O”, showcased the works of such internationally acclaimed video and new media artists as Song Dong, Bill Viola, Wang Gongxin and Janaina Tschӓpe, all drawing attention to the subject of water either by using it as their subject or as material in their art.

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Controversial “Kamoan” artist Andy Leleisi'uao to complete inaugural Taiwanese arts residency – profile

NEW ZEALAND-SAMOAN ARTIST PAINTING ARTS RESIDENCY TAIWAN Socially motivated New Zealand-Samoan wraps up Taiwanese arts residency Andy Leleisi’uao is a “Kamoan” (meaning Kiwi + Samoan, a term coined by the artist himself) artist who is the first New Zealander to … Continue reading