Chinese collectors Lin Han and Wanwan Lei rising stars in the collecting world – interview

Art Radar spoke to Lin Han and Wanwan Lei about their collecting and their ambition to move communities.

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The (potential) politics of art: China’s soft power push

The New York Times ran an article in June 2012 on Chinese museums and their recent push to host exhibitions of international artwork. We take a closer look at China’s soft power push.

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New uses for Chinese ink: Jennifer Wen Ma paints hanging garden in Beijing

Jennifer Wen Ma, a Beijing-born New York-based artist, alters the traditional impressions of ink artwork with her latest installation Hanging Garden in Ink.

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Foreign-owned Beijing 798 gallery expands into creative entrepreneur incubator – WSJ Scene Asia

David Ben Kay’s Yuanfen Flow started out as a house, became a new media art gallery and is now a creative business incubator. Read on to find out more about this unique Beijing space.

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Questioning “Made in China” – Interview Avant-Garde Beijing Artist: Huang Rui

CONTEMPORARY CHINESE ART Father of contemporary Chinese art, Huang Rui is a Beijing artist who dares to think and act differently in a society that demands conformity. Prominent founder of the historically momentous 1979 Stars Group as well as the famous … Continue reading

Hugs in Hong Kong by mainland artists formerly branded national criminals – interview Gao Brothers

CHINESE PERFORMANCE ART Take a walk down a public Hong Kong street these days and you might find yourself bumping into some portable – and surprisingly intimate – art. While Hong Kong artist Tim Li’s private bed has been erected all over … Continue reading