ART HK 11 Hong Kong art fair: Chinese artist Gao Weigang wins 2011 ART FUTURES award

We look 2011’s ART FUTURES award winner Gao Weigang. The ART FUTURES award, worth US$25,000, is presented to one emerging artist by ART HK each year.

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Video artists raise awareness about water conservation in China

Beijing’s second “Shan Shui” exhibition, “Shan Shui 2010: H2O”, showcased the works of such internationally acclaimed video and new media artists as Song Dong, Bill Viola, Wang Gongxin and Janaina Tschӓpe, all drawing attention to the subject of water either by using it as their subject or as material in their art.

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Ai Weiwei’s studio party cancelled? Art Radar was there

So the media thought the Ai Weiwei party was cancelled … but it wasn’t. Only a handful of the press were there – Reuters, South China Morning Post, Le Monde and a few others. A few hundred people turned up to the artist’s studio, which served as venue for music, food, overnight residence and political presentation. An on-the-ground report of the event that was a direct challenge to the Chinese authorities by artist Ai Weiwei.

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Surprising new direction taken by cadaver artists and Saatchi stars: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu – interview

HONG KONG CHINESE PHOTOGRAPHY ART Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, born in the early 1970s and both alumni of the prominent Beijing Central Academy of Art, have a long-established  reputation in Asia for their controversial collaborative installations featuring animals, human tissue … Continue reading

Hugs in Hong Kong by mainland artists formerly branded national criminals – interview Gao Brothers

CHINESE PERFORMANCE ART Take a walk down a public Hong Kong street these days and you might find yourself bumping into some portable – and surprisingly intimate – art. While Hong Kong artist Tim Li’s private bed has been erected all over … Continue reading