Contemporary art in Beijing: Art Radar guide

Art Radar provides an insightful guide to the vibrant and ever-growing Beijing art scene, with its plethora of museums, galleries and non-profit art spaces.

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Changing global retail landscape: Can Hong Kong art galleries adapt? Part I

In an essay for Taiwan-based art magazine ArtcoArt Radar founder Kate Cary Evans discusses the tectonic shifts that have emerged in the Hong Kong art scene over the past decade.

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Photographic duo RongRong and inri get first Hong Kong retrospective

More than sixty works by Chinese artist RongRong and his Japanese companion in art, inri, are on show at Blindspot Gallery for the first time.

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Art districts in Asia: 5 top posts from 2008 to 2011

In the second post of our ongoing ‘Lists’ series, we dig deep into our archives to bring you the best and brightest posts written by us on the topic of ‘Art districts in Asia’.

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Compound Eye: RongRong and inri retrospective at He Xiangning Art Museum

CHINESE CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY MUSEUM EXHIBITION “Compound Eye: Works by RongRong & inri (2000-2010)” (website in Chinese) is the first retrospective exhibition of collaborative works by RongRong and inri since they started working as a husband-and-wife team in 2000. In 1999, … Continue reading

Beijing first to host Arles program outside France

PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL BEIJING EXHIBITIONS In the first part of Art Radar Asia’s coverage of Beijing’s Caochangdi PhotoSpring (17 April-30 June, 2010) we presented the winners and semi-finalists of three photography awards. This article aims to explore some of the 27 … Continue reading

Wallpaper's guide to Beijing art districts

BEIJING ART DISTRICTS CHINA Bringing with it cheap flights and artists focused once again on art-making rather than art-marketing, the recession is a great time to plan art jaunts and studio visits.  If you are interested in exploring the art scene in Beijing, check out … Continue reading

Caochangdi, Beijing's newest art if Anish Kapoor designed an art quarter in his spare time

ARTS DISTRICT BEIJING CHINA Now Caochang-di is not yet on the radar of hotels and cab drivers, but it is quite extraordinary. In effect, it’s a gallery quarter where the most interesting buildings have been designed by Ai Weiwei, one … Continue reading