Jiang Zhi exhibition: First solo for GuangDong Times Museum

The GuangDong Times Museum in China holds its first ever solo show, “If This Is a Man”, with work by Chinese contemporary artist Jiang Zhi. The exhibition ran at the museum until 24 June 2012.


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Video Art: Newfangled or here to stay? 6 must-read Art Radar posts

Though video art has been a cultural staple since the 1960s, it has proven especially popular with young and mid-career Asian artists. As part of our “lists” series, we’ve collected six of our best video art posts.

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Cao Fei’s unsung factory heroes explained – art:21 video

Chinese artist Cao Fei discusses the anti-hero characteristics she gave factory workers from the Pearl River Delta region in China in a recent theatrical work.

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Video artists raise awareness about water conservation in China

Beijing’s second “Shan Shui” exhibition, “Shan Shui 2010: H2O”, showcased the works of such internationally acclaimed video and new media artists as Song Dong, Bill Viola, Wang Gongxin and Janaina Tschӓpe, all drawing attention to the subject of water either by using it as their subject or as material in their art.

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What are latest trends in Chinese art, who are the top two emerging artists? Melissa Chiu video

CHINESE ART TRENDS Australian curator and writer Melissa Chiu of the Asia Society New York discusses the newest trends from China in a video called Inside The Contemporary Art Scene. She identifies several emerging changes: young Chinese women are emerging as … Continue reading