Tibetan art installation brings homeland to exiles

Tenzing Rigdol, a Tibetan contemporary artist, transported 20,000 kilograms of Tibetan soil to Dharamsala, India, for Our Land, Our People, a site-specific installation piece.

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Hong Kong Wan Chai Visual Archive: community art experimentation

Art Radar looks at the history and development of the Wan Chai Visual Archive, a non-profit, community-focussed, short-term art space in Hong Kong.

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Taiwan eco-art exhibition Going Green tours America – curator interview

Environmental art in Asia is not a subject we’ve touched on much here at Art Radar. So when we heard about “Going Green”, an environmental art exhibition that took Taiwanese artists and their art to America, we decided to interview curator Jane Ingram Allen to find out more.

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Taiwanese artist Wu Mali on role of art in communities – Asia Art Archive

Collaboration with communities has been an ongoing significance in Wu Mali’s works for a decade now. As she explains, dealing with socially-engaged practice through art presents a learning experience of its own. In an interview with Asia Art Archive which we summarise, Wu explains her work and why she thinks community collaboration is so important for art practice.

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Internationally known Asian artists’ collaborative art project in Laos ends after 4 years

Between 2004 and 2008, fourteen internationally renowned artists undertook residencies in Luang Prabang, Laos and developed art projects with local communities, including the Sangha (the Buddhist community of monks), artisans and students. The artists were Marina Abramovic, Janine Antoni, Hans Georg … Continue reading