India Art Fair Founder Neha Kirpal sees galleries “upping the game” – ArtTactic podcast

Neha Kirpal sat down with ArtTactic to talk about this year’s India Art Fair, the growing international presence in Indian arts and the importance of quality in the contemporary art market.

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Can you sell big to first-time collectors? Indian Art Summit 2011 round-up

Third Indian Art Summit proves Indian arts ability to attract big crowds, global art buyers and top-end galleries. But did everyone agree on its success?

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If it makes you scratch your head, its art – Sakshi 25th anniversary exhibition

MUMBAI ART SHOW SAKSHI GALLERY SWAPAN SETH Mumbai-based Sakshi Gallery has made the rather unusual decision of having a first-time curator put together its golden jubilee show. Having said that, the gallery is well-known for exhibiting experimental works so perhaps, … Continue reading