Art in a suitcase: Is miniature art becoming a new trend?

Miniature art is enjoying a renaissance with internationally acclaimed artists such as Imran Qureshi, Aisha Khalid, Shanzia Sikander and Rashid Rana. Art Radar asks “Is miniature art becoming a new trend?”

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Naziha Mestaoui: Between spiritualism, environment and technology – artist profile

Art Radar profiles Paris-based Belgian-Tunisian Naziha Mestaoui architect turned multimedia artist.

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“Imago Mundi”: Tiny windows to a great big (art) world – in pictures

Luciano Benetton’s ever-growing micro-artwork exhibit “Imago Mundi”, which presents a great atlas of the world and of humanity through art, comes to Treviso, Italy in its third showing.

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African queer art attacked and banned – Dak’Art 2014

The Senegalese government shut down all LGBTI themed exhibitions at Dak’Art 2014, after the plight of a groundbreaking but short-lived exhibition on LGBTI African art caused controversy over fundamentalism and censorship as the hosting gallery was attacked by extremist Islamic groups.

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10 African artists to know at Dak’Art 2014 | Senegal

Ranging from sculptors to photographers, Art Radar profiles ten artists to look out for at Dak’Art 2014. The eleventh edition of Africa’s major contemporary art event, the Biennale of Dakar, popularly known as Dak’Art, will take place from 9 May … Continue reading