A Matter of Perspective: 15 years of Singapore’s STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery – director interview

Art Radar speaks to the director of STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery in Singapore on the occasion of its 15th anniversary and David Hockney’s solo exhibition.

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Truth is Beauty: Indian modernist Bhupen Khakhar at Tate Modern, London

The Tate Modern brings together Indian modernist Buphen Khakhar’s work from across five decades and collections around the world for the first time since his death.

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Documenting Japanese avant-garde and world art history: Shigeo Anzai’s photography

Japanese photographer Shigeo Anzaï’s oeuvre brings to life Japanese avant-garde art and Western experimental artists. In a two-part exhibition, White Rainbow gallery in London collects Japanese photographer Shigeo Anzaï’s work, which documents contemporary art history from Japan’s Mono-ha and avant-garde … Continue reading

Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2015 announces winners

Photographer Ducky Chi Tak wins the third edition of the 3rd Hong Kong Human Rigths Arts Prize.

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3 art DVD stocking stuffers to buy

The holiday season is upon us. Not only is it a good time to invest in some much needed rest and relaxation, the time off allows us to finally get in some screen time. We’ve listed our top three DVDs on the world of art that will allow you (or the lucky family member or friend you buy them for) to curl up in your holiday couch while brushing up on your art history knowledge.

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