Art auction in focus: Christie’s Hong Kong Spring 2012 Asian Contemporary Art Day Sale

Art Radar takes a focused look at the results of the Spring 2012 Christie’s Asian Contemporary Art Day Sale.

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Dafen Art Village, part II: Original art struggles in Shenzhen copy town – artist interview

In the second part of our series on Dafen Art Village, we speak to Wang Zeng Chun to find out what it’s like for an original artist in an art district dedicated to copy-art.

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Christie’s ‘Faces of New China’ Private Collection Sale underperforms amidst art market slowdown

Christie’s Hong Kong November 26 Private Collection Sale provides a dramatic example of single-owner sales’ susceptibility to the faltering Asian art market.

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Christie’s Hong Kong autumn 2011 sales: Indonesian art triumphs, Indian falters amid cautious market

The response to Christie’s Hong Kong day sale of Asian Contemporary Art, held on 27 November 2011, was restrained. 28 percent of works in the 273-lot sale failed to sell.

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Sotheby’s Hong Kong Autumn Sale 2011: Contemporary Asian Art

Art Radar reports from the auction room of Sotheby’s evening sale of Contemporary Asian Art on October 3, 2011. The 176-lot sale featured two ‘premium’ works, and revealed lagging enthusiasm in the contemporary Asian art market

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London’s Michael Hoppen pioneers photography at Art HK 10, plans Hong Kong gallery – interview

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY MARKET INTERVIEW In the art bonanza that was the third incarnation of Art HK, there was one gallery among the 155 visual arts exhibitors with the unique distinction of being the only dealer specializing in photographic artworks. It … Continue reading

Curator Valerie Doran on ‘Hope and Glory’ and challenges for Hong Kong art world – interview

HONG KONG CURATOR INTERVIEW For a place that has been repeatedly touted as a cultural desert, Hong Kong has managed to attract arts practitioners from many walks of life who are dedicated to working with the challenging realities present within … Continue reading

Watch Simon Birch’s video tour of conceptual circus ‘Hope and Glory’ in Hong Kong

HONG KONG PUBLIC ART EXHIBITION VIDEO TOUR For international art lovers who aren’t able to see the sprawling conceptual circus for themselves, Simon Birch guides viewers through his masterful art event “Hope & Glory”. Watch the videos to see the … Continue reading